A child’s joy

7 Feb

When I heard the word snow in the forecast my heart sunk a bit. While I know we are still in the middle of winter, I have been dreaming of spring. Dreaming of bright green growth sprouting out on trees and pops of spring flowers bringing color to the landscape.
But this beautiful girl of mine got giddy at the thought of real snow in the city (the first since we have lived here). When it began to fall and really coat our world she jumped at the chance to wander the neighborhood. So we bundled up to protect from the crazy cold wind (9 degrees is crazy cold for me) and set out to explore.
The neighborhood had transformed into a quiet (even the streetcars were moving slow) slightly slippery winter wonderland. There is just something so peaceful about a world blanketed in snow.
While I am still dreaming of the warmth and color of spring, I am embracing this bit of winter play and celebrating a child’s joy in a blessing from Mother Nature.


31 Jan

It has been awhile since I have shared a moment of celebration. With the start of my favorite month of the year (Hello February, so glad you are almost here) I want to once again bring everyday moments to the celebration table.


Today I am celebrating connection. It is my 16th wedding anniversary and it has me thinking back to that amazing day years ago. I have so many memories of that day, wonderful moments with friends and family and of course the moment when my life bound to an amazing man who blesses my life everyday.

But the moment that is resting in my heart today is tea time with my Grandmother shared on that beautiful day. I don’t remember the details of what we talked about while we sipped our tea, but it was a time of connection and love. At the time I didn’t know we would only have another year with her, I just knew that there was nothing more important than taking the time to sit, relax and savor the connection to a strong beautiful woman.

Yes, definitely celebrating connection today!


11 Oct

Today we took time to be a family of three. Time to explore. Time to laugh. Time to share. Time to be. 20131011-144602.jpgThis time with Rachel at home is fleeting and I want us to enjoy and celebrate the moments we have together.
20131011-145101.jpgA huge blessing for me today, celebrating family!

Leaning in

9 Oct

I am leaning into this quote today and celebrating the strength within.

Wall Art

This is vinyl lettering wall art by Design Divas


Welcoming Fall

5 Oct

It has been a rough week for me and my crazy head. The ups and downs of dealing with the muck that goes on in there ran me over this week.

I needed to clear my head and go spend some time with the trees and the beautiful colors they are dressing in right now. It is amazing what a little color and fresh air can do for your peace of mind.

Fall 1

Fall 2

Celebrating Fall and all its glory right now!


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