Project Life • 2013

15 Jan

Project Life Title Page

A new year brings a new approach to my Project Life album. This year I decided to go in a new direction and make my own title cards and extra embellishments. I really wanted to add some texture and more of me into the project. So I am using fabrics. A combination of canvas, linen, denim, burlap, and a numbered pattern fabric.

When I came up with the idea to use fabric I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to make something so flimsy work in the pockets of project life. I did a little digging in my stash and found some Sticky-Back Canvas. It is a perfect base for my fabrics of choice. I just cut it to size, peeled off the paper backing, stuck the fabric down and trimmed. It provides just enough stability to fill my pockets with texture and fabric.

Here is a step-by-step look at making the sticky-back canvas work for me.

Cut Canvas to Size

Cut canvas to size

Peel off the paper backing

Peel off the paper backing

Adhere fabric to the sticky side of the canvas

Adhere fabric to the sticky side of the canvas

Trim up the edges

Trim up the edges

I added a little sewing to secure the fabric and add a little decoration to the edges

I added a little sewing to secure the fabric and add decoration to the edges

January weekly title cards are ready to go in the book

January weekly title cards are ready to go in the book


Project Life is a memory keeping system designed by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about Project Life products here.

7 Responses to “Project Life • 2013”

  1. Katie Scott 06.20.13 at 8:42 AM #

    OH MY GOSH!!! This post with the fabric in Project Life has given me the idea to put some fabric into pocketed pages in my kids’ albums – there are some t-shirts and older clothes of theirs that I just can’t seem to part with and I had thought about making a quilt with them – but we live in Florida and honestly? we have plenty of blankets and I don’t really want to spend the time and effort making a quilt. But popping those fabric pieces into pocketed pages would be awesome. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Jackie Wood 06.20.13 at 6:20 PM #


      I knew when I wanted to make my own cards/decorations for project life this year that I would include fabric. I am a texture girl so linen and burlap are big favorites. The sticky back canvas made it all come together, I LOVE that stuff!

      That is a fantastic idea to take old clothes and use them in their scrapbooks. A great way to perserve the memory and so much simpler than a quilt, LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing your plan, I would love to see how it all comes together for you!

      Take care, Jackie

  2. Karen Willems 08.16.13 at 5:01 PM #

    Where do you buy the sticky backed canvas? This is abn awesome idea.

  3. JAnet Kemper 08.17.13 at 6:18 AM #

    Thank you for this post! I, too, love fabric and have thought about putting it in my PL album. This will help me to do that now…thanks again! Your pages are great!

    • Jackie Wood 08.19.13 at 2:25 PM #


      Thank you for stopping by the blog and for the PL love. I have really enjoyed using fabric in my PL this year, hope you enjoy it as well! Take care, Jackie


  1. Kerri Bradford | Celebrating Life - 07.2.13

    […] kit has just become available, so it will be debuting in my 2014 album as I already have a design style for 2013. Looking forward to Cinnamon filled […]

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