The housing market in Portland OR is crazy right now. It is definitely a sellers market and the competition is fierce. We knew this before we began searching for properties, heck we knew it before we sold our condo last year.  But we set ourselves up with a long lease so we didn’t have to be in a rush to find something.

In late January we began attending open houses on the weekends just to see what was available and for Elden to get a feel for what I meant by “old home”.

It was an interesting market to be participating in. Houses would go on the market Tuesday/Wednesday, have an open house scheduled for the weekend, have an offer deadline date of the following Monday evening and be sold by Tuesday. One week on the market was pretty typical. A lot of listings were getting more than 10 offers during that time.

The first few weeks we just looked, observed and took notes about the whole process and the types of homes available in the various neighborhoods around Portland.