While our top pick of places for homes is an east side Portland neighborhood we are keeping our eyes open on the west side of Vancouver as well. With Elden working downtown, it just makes sense to keep the options open.

We were in Vancouver today and decided to hit a couple of open houses before heading home. Interesting places, but definitely not “the one” so we started our journey home. Before heading out I looked one last time at the list of open houses for the day in the Redfin app on my phone.

A new house popped up in my search that looked interesting. As I investigated the listing further I was surprised that it had come up on the search at all because it didn’t fit the search parameters that I had set in the app. The house intrigued me though so I looked up the address. Hmmm, it wasn’t in Vancouver, the map had opened up the search to include parts of north Portland. Well now I was more intrigued.

We had a couple hours until the open house so we journeyed home and decided we would stop in at some point later in the afternoon. At one point before we left I had thought about not going. But then I looked at the house pictures again and this one spoke to me.


So we kept the plan and headed over to the open house.

This house is located in an area of Portland that I wasn’t very familiar with so we gave ourselves some time to drive the neighborhood and get a feel for the location. Every time we would turn down a road I had this feeling of “home” wash over me. We turned the corner and there was a beautiful park, turn another corner and a tree lined street, yet another corner and kids were playing in the yard.

Once we arrived at the house itself I had a bit of a love fest going on for the neighborhood. Then we walk up the front steps to a big front porch with a beautiful red door and I may have been a bit smitten. But little did I know what would happen when I walked into the dining room.


That red door opens into the living room where we removed our shoes and began to explore the house. The dining room is the second room we walked into. I really wasn’t prepared for the emotions that hit me when I walked into that space. This overwhelming of “coming home” hit me. A feeling that I couldn’t put into words at that time, but it was in that moment that I knew this was it. This would be the first house we would enter the crazy market race and put an offer in on.

To be honest I was so overwhelmed by emotion that I actually stopped looking at the house at that point. Elden and Rachel were wandering around so I followed along behind them, but I didn’t need to open doors, look in closets or really see the rest of the house. Because I just knew. I had an instant connection with the house in the dining room. It was at that moment that the house’s story and mine collided.

Given my apparent disinterest in the house my family thought that I didn’t like the place. When we got in the car they expected me to say it was nice but then list all of the things that didn’t work about the house. Instead I turned to Elden and said, “I think we need to call Teresa” (our realtor). They both agreed that this was it, Rachel was in love with every room and called dibs on each of the bedrooms. Made me laugh given that she would not live in the home full time as she will be away at college in the fall.

We did call Teresa and we did work through some of the details tonight. Specifically looking up city zoning information because the house doesn’t have a garage and that is a must on our list.

The good news is that the offer deadline for this house is not due until Wednesday at 6pm, so we have time to do some research, discuss the house and meet with Teresa.