After spending most of last evening talking about the house and dreaming about the possibilities we got a chance today to take a second look through the house with Teresa.

This time I did actually open doors, cupboards, and closets. I spent time in each room. I took my time to wander and imagine what the space would look like if we lived there.  How would each space work? Where would things go? But most of all I thought about the people that had lived in this house.

It was built in 1907, so the history and story of the house are long and I really can’t wait to find out more about the people that called this home over the last 109 years.

Once again I felt a deep connection to the house. I really don’t know why, it wasn’t what we were looking for and yet the house spoke to me. It pulled me in and as I have said to many people I feel like it picked us. From the moment I saw it online it drew me in.

After our second tour we drove down to the local Starbucks and wrote up our offer. There we were less that 24hrs later and this house had become another member of the family.

With the crazy Portland housing market I really don’t want to get attached to this house. The likelihood that our offer will be the one they pick out of all they will likely receive is very slim. But it is hard to ignore the connection to and energy of this home.

Offer details complete, we headed home. Nothing to do but wait.