Oh my gosh, just checked my email and our offer was accepted. I am still a bit speechless. It has all happened so quickly it is hard to believe.

This beautiful old home will be ours in early May.


I have dreamt of this. A forever home, a place with character and story to call our own. This home on Haight (the connection to San Francisco is not lost on me) Ave will become that place.

We have moved quite a few times during our family life. Always to seek a new adventure or to open a new chapter of our lives. This move is different, instead of moving into a new home, we are coming home.

I wholeheartedly believe this is the place we were meant to be, meant to come home to, meant to end up at.

Hello Maisy (yep, you bet I named this old girl!), I can’t wait to continue our story together.