I have been looking forward to this day, a chance to get back on the property and feel the energy of our new home.

While the inspectors went around the house doing their thing, I took the time to measure the attic space. This whole floor will become my new studio for Jackie M Wood Studios.


I have written a couple of times in past posts about my connection to the energy in the dining room, but have yet to mention the attic. This space has a different energy than downstairs and I knew from the first day I saw it that this would be the studio. The floors make me weak in the knees and the angled space has so much life and character that I can see spending hours up here creating.

Once I peeled myself away from the future studio it was time to walk the property with Lane Cooper of Cooper Design Builders. We were very thankful that Lane could take the time to meet us on inspection day to talk through some of the changes that we want to make to the house. Mainly putting back period style character where it has been removed, adding a bathroom, reworking the basement for our needs and adding a garage.

The inspectors found no big issues and were in fact impressed with the condition of the 109 year old home. YES! Moving on…