We met with Lane today and got a chance to talk about the project. Not the nitty gritty details, just the big picture and what each phase of the project will look like.

I am really impressed with this company. They have process and design wrapped around everything they do, it speaks right to the heart of who I am. It is going to be fun to work with them on the house. I can already see that they will become part of the family as we all pour our attention into this beauty.

One big thing that came out of our meeting today was a timeframe. Initially when our offer was accepted we thought we would move into the house right after Rachel graduates high school in mid June. But after talking with Lane and knowing we have our current lease through mid September, looks like we will spend the summer in the city and they will be able to get the work done at the house without having to work around us. A win win situation.

I will be moving my studio into the space in May, but that will be easy to keep out of the work space and won’t hinder their process. I love when things align.

Now we just have to wait to close on the property to get the first design phase underway!