Saturday I took a class at the Oregon Historical Society about researching the history of a home in Portland. The class was a wealth of information and I was so excited to get home and begin looking into our new home.

Unfortunately the researching had to be put on hold for a busy weekend, but yesterday evening I finally found a couple of hours to begin my search.

I didn’t expect to find anything right away. I thought it would take hours before I could find the one thing I wanted to know most, the names of the original owners. But thankfully the resources available online made it possible for me to discover that our home had a different address when it was built and from that address I found the owners.

Alfred and Eulia Wheeler!!!

I was so stinkin’ excited. I even woke up Elden to let him know I found them. I can’t say that he was thrilled, but I like to think that he was bit a happy for me since I was so excited. I could hardly sleep last night and dreamt of the Wheelers and their four children that lived in the house.

I have so much more to research, but for now I am happy to know their names and a bit about them. Alfred was in the lumber/timber industry and they were fairly active in the community. Both Alfred and Eulia came from Coburg OR (one of my favorite places to antique). I am really happy that their last name starts with a “W” too, because I love to decorate with W’s and now it will mean so much more.

The big goal will be to find pictures of them or a family picture to display in our home. I might even find a living relative to reach out to. I love that our home has a history, a story. I plan to honor it every chance I get.