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Things have been quiet on the work front for the past week. Not that we haven’t been working, but the work has been around planning.

Elden and I took time to list out all of the tasks that we need to do before we move in this Fall. As they say, “the list is long”, or in our case the sticky notes are plenty.

IMG_4413 (1)

We figured out what projects need to happen room by room. Then sorted those tasks in the order they need to happen and assigned them a month for completion. Pretty simple process and can I say thank goodness for big windows in our current living space. Makes for a wonderful wall to keep the tasks organized.

We have added a few sticky notes since the first brainstorming session, but this is a fairly complete list now. Rows of sticky notes to turn Maisy into our forever home.

Mind you, this is just the tasks for summer, it is NOT a complete list of all the projects that will happen after we move in. Those we have down, but didn’t want to include in this sticky note capture because frankly it might make me want to crawl under a rock and forget about this home ownership gig.


The good news about our list of tasks is that many of them are about making decisions. What kinds of products/surfaces do we want to put into the house? So while those can also take time, they are not back breaking and for me they are the joy in the whole process.

Out came my beloved This Old House magazines (HUGE Tom Silva fan!!) so that we could browse through and get ideas for the items that we want to include in our home. In addition to this I have started a Pinterest board and been using Houzz to search out more ideas. The internet is such a powerful tool when researching for a remodel.

While we have been busy planning, our builder has been drafting up design ideas. They contacted me yesterday and we are meeting in a couple days to get a first look at what they have planned.