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IMG_4719It has been fairly quiet on the house front for the past several weeks. Mainly due to the fact that life has had a more important focus, our daughter turning 18 and graduating high school.

While we have been busy celebrating, Cooper Design Builders (CDB) have been working hard on the plans for our home. We have met with them a couple of times over the past two weeks to get the designs finalized.

I loved seeing the plans for the first time and had this overwhelming need to scream, “this is really happening!“.

We spent three hours walking through the house with plans in hand to go over every detail of the project room by room. We discussed lighting, surfaces, and the biggest piece all of, the plumbing changes. It is a million small projects all coming together to create a forever home and honor the beauty of Maisy.

With the design phase complete, we sign the construction contract today and officially move into the pre-construction phase where there will be little action happening at the house, but a ton of paperwork being pushed around the halls of CDB and the city of Portland.

Let’s get this party started!