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Silence. For months.

Life has been a roller coaster crazy ride for the past four months and I have not taken the time to keep up with posting out here.

The remodel is still moving forward. During the remodel our daughter graduated from high school and got started/settled into college life, we had to put our beloved dog down, I have done two art shows and am preparing for two more, we moved into a temporary living space with all of our possessions in storage, and we began our remodel projects to be completed before we call this house our home.

Posting became a very low priority. But now I would like to catch you up on the last few months.

My last post shared that demo had begun. If anyone has done a remodel then you will understand my next statement, the house only gets worse after demo. The construction dust, debris, and supplies multiply over night and before you know it the whole house is a train wreck. I just want to take a minute right here to say THANK YOU to my parents who have let us live in their home during this crazy time. I can not be thankful enough that we do NOT have to live at the house during this insanity.

Over the next week I will share photos of progress and some of the highs and lows of the process to date. Then we will get back to current time and what is happening right now at the house.

Stay tuned!