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Most of this remodel is taking place inside, but one big project was on the list for outside…the garage.

When we bought the house it did not have a garage. It was actually one of our biggest concerns before we made an offer. Can we have one built? We are the kind of people that like to have our car in a garage and it really would be a deal breaker for us on a house.

The neighborhood has alleyways behind the houses so all of the car access to the house comes from there. The property had enough space for a garage, but would the city permit one to be built, that was the biggest question. We chatted with the city and our builder before we put in an offer and the consensus was that it was likely going to be no problem for the city to permit it. So we took a chance and made the offer.

Thankfully the prework and investigation proved to be true and the permitting went without trouble or delay.

The garage beginnings…


Here is how it looks today. We are just waiting on the electrician to finish the lights and the opener and we will be ready to go. Well, it still needs to be painted, but that is a story for next year when the whole house gets an outdoor makeover.