Open Studios 2012 • 2nd Weekend

7 Nov

Finally coming out from under the sickness cloud and able to post about the final weekend of Portland Open Studios. This is such an incredible event. Since I was a little under the weather we kept the visiting short, but managed to stop by a few studios during the final weekend.

A glimpse into the process of 5 talented artists

Annie Meyer

Annie Meyer Landscape

Annie was very gracious and took the time to walk us through her process from color blending to the mono printing all the way through the framing considerations she makes. It was fascinating to see the variety of color palettes and subjects in Annie’s work.

Maria Simon

Maria Simon

Maria was in the midst of a demonstration when we arrived at her studio. As I walked around and viewed her finished pieces I listened to her chat about her process and show the group a few of her “insider” tips. I loved that she thought out loud as she moved through the process, I do the same thing when I create. She is a ceramic artist working with Terra Sigillata which is rich brown in color. Combined with her choice of finishes, the pieces have incredible depth and detail. Pictures do not do her work justice, plus her display/framing choices help bring the pieces to life. She teaches as well, I just might take a couple days off from the regular routine and join her in the studio.

Christopher Bibby

Christopher Bibby

I really enjoyed chatting with Christopher about his work, his influences, and the colors that inspire his work. He works in oil and wax and every time you look at a piece you see a new part of it. It was fun to stand in his studio surrounded by so many cityscapes, each one giving you a different feel.

Rachel Austin

Rachel Austin PoppiesI love the bright colors and bold images in Rachel’s work. She walked us through her process as we came into her space. Each step is simple and straightforward, yet her eye for color and composition take the simple steps into a playful place. Her work simply makes you happy.

Shyama Helin

Shyama Helin

OK, you know I am going to say it, but come on, the texture in Shyama’s work is fantastic. I instantly loved her work. Each piece feels like a story unfolding. It was great fun to see a piece in progress and chat with Shyama about her process and the experimenting that she was doing. I really could stare at her work for hours and not tire of it. Truly took me to my happy place!

Another year comes to a close and I am thankful (sickness and all) to have visited 12 artists with unique voices bringing their creations to life. Looking forward to October 2013!

_________________________________________________________________________________________The images in this post are from the artist websites, please click on the image or their name to learn more about each artist.

Project Life • September 2012

5 Nov

I am not sure where the month of October went. A cloud of illness fell over our home and the month was gone before I had a chance to share our September Project Life pages.

Here is a look at our life in September:

September Project Life

Highlights • Week 1

  1. Rachel started high school
  2. This week the journaling was all done by Rachel. I wanted to remember this week in her words, from her perspective as she navigated high school for the first time.
  3. Got some fabulous Reenie time
  4. My Aunts came for an afternoon of tea and good family time
  5. I met my friend Kim in Coburg for an early morning adventure at the Coburg Antique Fair. You can read more about that adventure here.


September Project Life

Highlights • Week 2

  1. Signs of Fall began to show in the stores and the weather.
  2. The anniversary of September 11 brought back stories and images. It also was a time to reflect back and share with Rachel the tragedy and triumph of that time in history.
  3. I found time to enjoy my studio in some Artplay time.
  4. The new season of The Voice started. Rachel and I enjoy watching this show together. There is something inspiring about this show. I love watching people be brave and reach for their goals. Plus, I really admire those who have musical talent as it is something that I do not possess.


September Project Life

Highlights • Week 3

  1. I had the opportunity to volunteer with my friend Andee at the Book Blitz for the Children’s Book Bank. You can read more about the experience here.
  2. Liz and I went and toured the location for our April Artplay with Playography. Such a beautiful space rich in family history and story.
  3. With the dry weather Fall has been slow to turn the trees, but we did find signs that the trees know it is time to change for winter.
  4. This was my last week of flexible time before work kicked into full gear. The time was nice, but I am looking forward to the Fall routine kicking in.
  5. I spent the weekend with a few of my PEO sisters at the beach. It was a gorgeous weather weekend and a great time spent connecting with new friends.


September Project Life

September Project Life

Highlights • Week 4

  1. Liz and I got together to work on Playography and to create brushes for Donna Downey’s altered brush project.
  2. It was a very full week, one of those where every minute is scheduled and you look forward to being on the other side of the schedule.
  3. It was Back to School night at Rachel’s school. Elden and I got the opportunity to meet each of her teachers. She has a packed academic schedule, which may present challenges throughout the year, but it is going to be a great Freshman year.
  4. Elden and I participated in the Portland Color Run. We had a great time traveling with hundreds of fellow runners on MAX to the race area. Then ran the 5k while getting a dose of color every 3000ft. The finish line was a huge color party, we can’t wait to do it all again next year. I put together a video to share our experience.


Project Life is a memory keeping system designed by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about Project Life products here.

Jamie Joy

29 Oct

After my memory loss last year I spent quite a bit of time getting familiar with my life today. I read through books, saw movies, and listened to music that had been a part of my life over the eight years I did not remember. I also rediscovered a new-to-me media, podcasts. I spent hours listening to past shows from a variety of topics, but one show in particular really resonated with me, Creative Living with Jamie.

The energy and life that Jamie pours into her podcasts left me with a feeling of connection and hope. Which at the time was incredible since most of my days were pretty rough as I navigated through the muck of memory loss. I can remember hearing Jamie’s voice for the first time and feeling the joy that she sends out into the world, it had a way of bringing a smile to my face like nothing else during that time. I would pick myself up out of the dark days by listening to a podcast and getting a little Jamie Joy as I began to call it. Truly a blessing!

Jamie’s podcasts are exactly as the title says, creative living. She talks to a variety of people about their creative lives. She shares about her own creative life and she encourages her listeners to embrace their own creative spirit. Through this encouragement I have found my way back into the studio with my Art Play, I have started a new play adventure with Playography and I have learned to embrace the artist within.

Jamie’s love of life, laughter and joy are a constant reminder to me to look for the positive in every day, because even the roughest days have sparkling moments. I encourage you to take a listen and bring a little Jamie Joy into your life.

Open Studios 2012 • 1st Weekend

19 Oct

Last weekend Portland Open Studios began and I had the opportunity to visit 7 artists in their studios. I really enjoy seeing the space where artists create and watching their process, it makes the finished pieces even more amazing.

A glimpse into the process of 7 talented artists

Shannon Passon

I really love the colors and texture in Shannon’s work. She works in both acrylic and encaustic. I enjoyed getting a chance to hear about and see her process. She is an artist after my own heart, she likes to be able to build layers and work fast. Such beautiful depth in each of her pieces.

Tracy Leagjeld

I fell in love with Tracy’s work. In-person the images are bold and amazing, but I really believe that it was learning about her process that made this artwork so cool for me. She works with printer’s ink, the kind they would use in printing presses (I used to work with this a long time ago). She begins by underpainting her masonite board, she then draws out her image with pencil and paper, lays over wax paper and begins to layer on the ink. I am so amazed that she is able to paint with this ink, it is thick and sticky, yet she can create the most delicate lines. Once she has finished painting on the wax paper she carefully turns the wax paper over on top of the prepared masonite board to make a mono print. Such detail and patience goes into her process. The piece above took six hours to paint, which has to be done all at one time and then transferred before she can be done for the day. On top of all of this talent she has the sweetest soul and I really enjoyed talking to her.

Carlie Leagjeld

Carlie is Tracy’s daughter and they share studio space, how cool is that. I have never seen anything like the pieces that Carlie creates. She works intuitively and lets the pieces come to life as she is working. She creates on vellum and heavy stock paper. But first she uses paint pallets to make paint shapes. She lets these dry and then scrapes them off of the pallet to use as parts of the final piece. We didn’t get to see her in the process of creating a piece, but we did see many in progress works and her process is fascinating.

Tracie Broughton

Tracie’s work is stunning. At first glance it appears to be a photograph, but is actually an acrylic painting. The details are fantastic and she has a wonderful way with color. Such vibrancy and life in each of her pieces. We had a great time talking about art, she is someone that you would love to sit down and share a cup of tea with. I do hope our paths cross again in the future.

Selene Robinowitz

I know I am using this word quite a bit, but I LOVE Selene’s work. Her work speaks to my love of abstract. I have never seen pieces with so much texture and movement in an abstract. Walking into her studio is stunning as all of this bold color surrounds you and Selene likes to work big so the walls are packed full of her work. It really is hard to have a favorite piece as each one has its own beauty, but the piece above is one that grabbed our attention online and in-person.

Chris North

Her work is so original and inventive, such a unique approach to ceramics. I love the playfulness in each piece. She teaches Graphic Design and does ceramics as a way to get away from the digital side of life. I can definitely relate to that. The name for the piece above is “Thing-A-Mah_Jig”, yep a girl after my own heart!

Amy Stoner

Amy has a large collection of work and it is amazing to see it all hanging together in her studio space. Amy is a print maker and encaustic artist, the smell of beeswax filled the studio and made for a VERY happy visit. She uses bold colors and images in her pieces, they really pull you into the piece.

Open Studios runs this weekend (Oct.20 & 21) 10am-5pm. Click over to the website to find out where you can purchase a tour guide for this weekend. I am hoping to visit a few more studios before this event is over.

The images on this post are from the artist websites, please click on the image or their name to learn more about each artist.

Playography registration is OPEN

16 Oct

I am happy to say that our first Playography event is open for registration. This first adventure is an Art Play where we will be pulling out tons of art supplies for you to explore and discover. The fun begins on April 17th, 2013 with a welcome tea and wraps up on April 21st, 2013 with a launch to new adventures.

Last week Liz and I sat down to chat about Playography and to share more details about the April Art Play.

Hope to see you in April!


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