The island



When we bought Maisy back in March, she came with a peninsula in the kitchen.Kitchen before

I didn’t care for how the peninsula closed off the kitchen from the dining room and made a narrow space to come into the kitchen.

We had Cooper remove the peninsula and decided to have an island instead. My dream for the island was to have it look like an old piece of furniture, not another kitchen cabinet.

I wanted it to have a slab countertop and be dark on the bottom light on top. The opposite of the rest of the kitchen.

While researching, I came across this photo on Pinterest.Inspiration from Pinterest

The perfect design. It had the feel of an old piece of furniture but would be sturdy enough to support the weight of a slab top.

Now it was time to send the photo to my Dad and say, “hey can we make this?”. Crickets….well not really, but Dad was a bit concerned about how to translate the picture into furniture.

Not long after I sent him the photo, the following image came up on my Pinterest feed.
Island Inspiration & Plans

Nina Hendrick had designed an island just like I was wanting…AND…she made building plans available on her blog. Happy Dancing ensued. The best part, her inspiration for making this island was the same photo that I had originally seen on Pinterest (shown above). Yep, this was meant to be.

With a set of plans Dad was much more optimistic that we would be able to pull this island together.

I gathered the supplies and we met up at my Dad’s shop to begin the building. The first few steps of the process we worked on together, but the majority of the building and assembly my Dad did while I was busy with other house projects and moving. He rocks!!! One disclaimer on the building plans from Nina’s blog…we had trouble with the cut list for the cross beams for the top and bottom, they were listed too short. So if you plan to make this island, don’t just go with the cut list as is.

A few pictures of the building process…img_4806img_4808img_0174img_0176img_0180

All built and now comes my part of the process, the finishing. My Dad loves to build, but he is not a fan when it comes to finishing, so this was a solo project.

It took quite a bit of experimentation to get the color that I wanted, but the end result was worth every hour of wiping stain on and off.img_5046img_5211

The build is complete and now all we had to do was transfer it to the house, get it inside, and wait for the countertop people to put the slab on. Thankfully it fit in our car and while it is extremely heavy we were able to get it in the front door and into the cue for measurement.

The slab is on!! Oh my gosh it is so cool to see this project come to completion. It was months of research, building, and waiting to get it to this point.


One last step, get it into place in the kitchen. Oh the waiting is hard, but thankfully with the magic of technology (and waiting to post until it was really really complete) you get to see the island in place now…


I love it so much. It turned out exactly as I wanted and fits the space so well. I cleared it off for the photo, but typically it has all sorts of daily kitchen activity happening on top. A perfect addition to one of our favorite rooms in the house.

Here you can see how getting rid of the peninsula really opened up the space and allowed this island to have a home in our home. Happiness.


Thanks Dad for making this island possible. You are awesome!!!